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Andean Circuits, born as the association of Latin American deturismo companies that operate within the Andes. 


Our services are characterized by efficiency, effectiveness and quality, with a personal touch for each trip and created to suit our customers.

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Nuestros Viajes

Journeys and Touristic Programs in Arica and the Chilean Altiplano

We offer excellent touristic programs to the fascinating Chilean Altiplano and the beautiful city of the eternal spring

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Trips to the Chilean Highlands and San Pedro de Atacama

We realize special tours to the North of Chile, where many tourists are attracted by the beauty of the nature and it’s flora and fauna

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Journeys and Touristic Programs in San Pedro de Atacama

We offer tours to the desert Atacama with an excellent and personal service to guarantee that your trip will be comfortable, safe and satisfying

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Journeys and Touristic Programs throughout Chile

We offer journeys to different destinations in Chile, selling touristic packets to make your journey unforgettable

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Journeys to Chile and Bolivia

Enjoy the countries on our touristic circuits and our journeys to Chile and Bolivia. We travel with excellent touristic guides who will show you the most beautiful places of each region

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Journeys to Chile, Bolivia and Peru

We offer special touristic circuits in Chile (National Park Lauca, Salt Lake Surire, Geysirs del Tatio, Salt Lake Atacama, etc)

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We offer journeys to different destinations in Chile and have developed touristic packets to make your trip unforgettable. The whole country wants to welcome you and invites you to enjoy and get to know the touristic places such as the National Park Torres del Paine, the fascinating glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano, Chiloe, Perito Moreno, the incomparable Atacama Desert, the Chilean Altiplano, the National Park Lauca, the lake Chungara and a lot more that you can discover with one of our tours.

Mayuru Tours

Knowing the Andes

Blog Turismo Andino

While walking the streets of Santiago or having a coffee it’s possible to be surprised by the sound of some drums in the city.

The Torres del Paine National Park is located in the XII Region of Chile, between the massif of the Cordillera de Los Andes and the Patagonian steppes, in Ultima Esperanza province, municipality of Torres del Paine.

The European summer sunny days have begun its countdown. Autumn slowly begins to peek over the horizon and who have not enjoyed their holidays still have a chance to enjoy relaxing days in the rays of the sun.

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